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We are an award-winning communication design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia

The Media Kitchen is an interactive media design and development studio with over 20 years experience. Passionate about great design, elegant technical solutions and great user experiences. We work in a full range of corporate communications development – branding, collateral print design, training support, web marketing strategy. We deliver strong design, strong technical skills and strong communications for our clients.


Where do we shine? We are at our best developing technical and design strategies for the web, as well as partnering with our clients on branding and content development.




Big thinking that aligns your goals to new project strategies.


We develop the game plan that supports your communication goals.


We believe in form AND function.


Building your online presence


We put thoughts on screen. Sometimes on paper.


We’ll do the leg work… (more…)



Tim Marker

Web & Internet Strategies. UI Design, Programming & Development.


Tim takes ownership of all technical decisions and many creative decisions on Media Kitchen projects. As a talented designer and creative director with many years experience coding, he is one of those rare people who is both left and right-brained. He can talk the talk of great design and walk the walk of great development. He’s not afraid of fancy acronyms like HTML5, LAMP, XML, JSON, SCORM, APIs and SDKs.  More about Tim


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I come from a corporate communications background, so I am used to working with teams of people on various projects. We’ve worked with every kind of organization – small and mid-sized, non-profits and Fortune 500. We also work directly with several agencies in Atlanta, as part of their development team.