Sibley Heart Center

Designed and Developed Sibley Heart Center’s WordPress Intranet

Cartoon Network Latin America

The Media Kitchen turn-key produced this ad sales promotional DVD interactive for the Cartoon Network Latin America.

– UI/UX Design
– Concept & Outline Writing
– DVD Interactive Authoring
– Photo-Illustration
– Original Photography
– Sweat & Tears


This very industrial web site was designed and developed for Temprite.  Temprite manufactures components for the refrigeration industry.  All of the products on this site are integrated into a shopping cart.  When a customer is logged in, they will be able to purchase and access to all of the shopping cart navigation.  This is multilingual ready, and each product has a schematic that opens in a modal complete with a print option.  All custom modifications made without touching the WordPress core files.

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We also designed, architected and coded a Product Selector.  The application takes temperature inputs, various connection sizes and a choice of 26 refrigerants. You can also switch from standard units to metric.  Our application is interacting directly with WordPress to show results from all of Temprite’s 50 or so products.

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Lumiere Photography Gallery

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Our client and good friend Tony Casadonte worked with us to build a comprehensive resource and complete Lumiere Photography Gallery, collection of artist and themes.  We designed and worked with Tony to import Adobe Lightroom HTML galleries into WordPress.  We also worked hard to make it all work with a very cool Lightroom plugin from The Turning Gate.  Much customization happened.

– Design
– WordPress Custom Coding
– Custom JS and PHP

Arrow ECS Xtreme Office Games

The Media Kitchen worked with the Arrow ECS team to conceptualize, design, write, produce and develop an online marketing game – Xtreme Office Games. In order to further engage Arrow’s customers with their new portal site, we developed a summer-long weekly contest to encourage users to come back again and again to explore the new site. To introduce each week’s contest, customers view a series of animated shorts, that showcase the satirical Xtreme Office Games – an Olympics-like competition between office workers who must compete in such games as Dumpster High Dive, Conference Table Free Form and Water Cooler Lift. Then they are offered clues to solve that week’s quiz. All weekly correct entries were entered to win.

As our tagline said, “Never underestimate the power of the bored office worker.”

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